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Experience matters.

18 years in practice, in and out of the courtroom, with clients from all walks of life.

Strategy matters.

Strategizing with you and working toward the results you want.

Efficiency matters.

Responsibly and carefully assisting you in an effort towards cost efficiency.

The Law Station | Your St. Augustine Lawyer

Every case is unique.

We understand every case is unique. We are willing to work with you to discover your specific needs and determine the most effective way to meet them.

We fight for you.

In some cases, your goals are best met by fighting for you to achieve a speedy resolution through settlement. In others cases, your goals are best met by fighting for you through trial. In all situations, you can count on The Law Station to communicate with you, to tailor our legal services to your needs, and to fight for you.


Sound, fair and personal.

The Law Station, located in St. Augustine, FL, offers a unique combination of experience that focuses on common sense strategies for problem solving. We strive to give our clients personal attention and to treat them soundly and fairly. We are prepared to answer your questions at a convenient time for you. Please call for a FREE consultation.

Melissa Sarris Kauttu, St. Augustine Lawyer

Cost-efficient representation.

Cost-efficient representation is our goal. We want our clients to feel they have been fairly treated and empowered in understanding the legal process better.

Experienced and personalized.

We understand that the legal process can be long, daunting, and challenging. Nevertheless, The Law Station will guide you in the course of your representation by providing you with experienced legal advice and personalized representation. We welcome the opportunity to speak with you to discuss how we can resolve your legal challenge.

Your St. Augustine Lawyer.

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