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Cost-efficient representation is our goal. We want our clients to feel they have been fairly treated and empowered in understanding the legal process.

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We understand that the legal process can be long, daunting, and challenging. We will guide you in the course of your representation by providing you with experienced legal advice and personalized representation. We welcome the opportunity to speak with you to discuss how we can resolve your legal challenge.

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Melissa Sarris Kauttu, St. Augustine Lawyer


Why the Law Station?

At the Law Station, we have developed a reputation for providing effective divorce and family law representation in St. Augustine and the surrounding communities. Melissa Sarris Kauttu's many years of practice as an attorney working with clients from all walks of life, including high net worth clients as well as clients struggling with various issues, gives her a unique perspective into the patterns and dynamics of family life and their economics. As your mediator, she can help you resolve disputes in a peaceful and cost-efficient way.

Mediation vs. Litigation

We believe families already have enough stress in their lives. Litigation amplifies familial stress and depletes family resources. Mediation, on the other hand, whether pre-suit or court ordered, resolves domestic disputes more efficiently allowing both parties to exercise self determination in structuring agreements that work for their unique circumstances.