What is mediation?

In mediation, an independent and professionally trained mediator helps you or your business and another party create an agreement to resolve all or a portion of your legal issues. The agreement the parties develop with the mediator, once submitted to the Court, will become an enforceable order of the court.

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Why mediate?

When you wait for your proverbial ‘day in court’ to allow a judge to decide your case, he or she will hear from both sides and make a ruling. The reality, however is, a judge cannot possibly learn all the intricate details of your business or family during the time allotted for trial and the rules of evidence will not permit the judge to consider everything you think is important. A judgment will be imposed upon both sides based upon the limted information the judge gets to hear. Mediation, on the other hand, allows both sides to work through an impartial mediator, who is in confidence to each side. The mediator helps the parties facilitate a voluntary agreement. A mediator, with solid experience litigating and negotiating these types of cases can assist the parties in identifying issues and coming to agreements without giving advice or favoring one party over the other.

what are the advantages of mediation?

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“Mediation is the bridge over the negative waters of conflict. Mediate because... YOUR TIME, YOUR RELATIONSHIPS, AND YOUR RESOURCES MATTER.”

~ Melissa Sarris Kauttu